Top 5 Armenian national dishes

Armenian cuisine is unique; it offers more than a thousand authentic recipes for all seasons. Recipes are very different from each other in regions of Armenia, which is due, first of all, to the climatic factor and, accordingly, to a specific set of products characteristic of a particular area. We have made a review of top 5 Armenian national dishes which recipes came to us from the distant past.

Armenian national dishes you should try



Classical Armenian khash is made from beef legs, as well as scar (the largest part of the stomach of ruminants). They are poured with water and cooked over low heat all night, having previously been thoroughly cleaned.

The soup is served necessarily in the early morning with garlic and dry lavash.

The name of khash comes from the Armenian word “khashel” (to boil). For many years, khash was considered “the food of the poor”, but it’s just a stereotype. Weddings in Armenia were usually played in late autumn and winter when the crop was harvested, all affairs were completed. Usually, a cow was slaughtered for the holiday, and the day after the wedding khash was cooked from giblets and legs of cows.

Today, the tradition has been preserved in the villages of Goris, as well as in the Armenian families of Samtskhe-Javakheti.

Khash contains a large amount of calcium and many other useful trace elements. Doctors recommend eating khash after fractures and injuries because it helps to recover much faster.



Sour-milk Armenian soup spas is also considered very useful and nutritious. Spas is popular not only in summer but also in winter. It can be eaten both cold and hot. It is not only tasty and aromatic but also invigorates and promotes digestion. Spas is prepared on the basis of matzoon and groats.

In order to prepare spas, you’d boil dzavar (wheat) in advance, then beat the egg in a deep bowl, add a little flour and sour cream, then matzoon and water. The pot is put on fire and cooked, stirring constantly. Spas is served with greens. In some variations, spas is prepared with rice or blgur.



In Armenia, it is customary to cook harissa in winter. Dzavar (wheat) is boiled in water with chicken until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.

Harissa is akin to khash, a good reason to gather with family. Also, harissa in different regions of Armenia is cooked in its own way: with rice, wheat or other cereals. Unlike many other dishes, harissa is eaten without seasoning. This is a unique dish that is prepared in all areas of the country.

Khorovats or barbecue


It is impossible to imagine Armenian national cuisine without khorovats. There are about 20 types of khorovats, for example, Karsi Khorovats – fried on coals, Ghazani khorovats made in a pan.

Khorovats is perhaps one of the most ordered dishes in Armenian restaurants. You should definitely order a portion of juicy meat cooked in a special oven, which has been marinated for 24 hours in pre-cooked spices, which gives a unique flavor to khorovats. And it doesn’t matter whether you choose pork, lamb or chicken, you will remember the taste of khorovats for a long time!

Khorovats ishkhan is also very tasteful Armenian national dish, which is expertly cooked in restaurants on the shore of Lake Sevan. Armenian white wines are perfect for khorovats ishkhan.



Dolma – minced beef tenderloin wrapped in grape leaves. In addition to meat, rice, pepper, onion, tomatoes, as well as paprika and dried basil are added to dolma.

The meat of Armenian dolma must be wrapped in grape leaves. The taste of dolma from grape leaves is best revealed with matzoon sauce with garlic.

There is also a vegetarian option of dolma: pasus dolma with beans, chickpeas, and lentils, wrapped in sauerkraut leaves. But in the warm season, you should also try the “summer dolma”, which includes eggplant, tomatoes, as well as red and green peppers.

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